Wednesday, February 29, 2012

blog reboot


I have been convinced to start updating this blog again :) Old posts have been archived - this blog will now focus on the development of my new roguelike game for Android. I got inspired to develop when i saw the amazing graphics by Thomas Whetnall at

The game itself is currently not named. It's a roguelike game, although maybe not by the all definitions of roguelike.. since it's not turn-based. Instead it's realtime but not really a action-twitch type realtime game but more of a casual realtime. The player should not really be stressed by having to rely on reflexes.

The game is developed entirely be me, using the fantastic libgdx ( libgdx is absolutely great for android game development since it has great performance and a well thought out API which does not get in the way. The biggest advantage though is probably the ability to run your app on desktop without changing any code which greatly improves productivity (bye bye crappy android emulator!).

The graphics by Thomas are retro-cool 8x8 tiles but with a really cool personality. Honestly I didn't think it was possible to put so much into only 64 pixels!

Currently the game is functional - you can run around, kill monsters, pick up items, use doors, stairs. Saving is also implemented. But much remains to be done. The game is going to be quite casual - not hardcore-roguelike with lots of stats.

I will try to post development progress here on a regular basis.