Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cursed Dungeons - 0.1.0 release!

Thanks for all the feedback! It's been great fun reading all the comments! It seems like the majority wants more of everything :)

I put together a new release with both bugfixes and some added features. here's the changelog:

  • bugfix: fixed broken game stats on player death 
  • bugfix: fixed player stats (skill, luck, hits) not being reset after death 
  • bugfix: fixed issue with being able to attack (and kill) dead monster again by swiping and holding
  • bugfix: fixed input type setting not being saved
  • Added invisibility potion
  • Added some monsters: scorpion, big scorpion, lizardman, lizardman ranger
  • Fear status now gives 50% chance of too afraid to attack each combat turn
  • Slow status effect added
  • Potion of Haste - temporary speedup (and cures slow status)
  • Added some more level decorations
  • Grab it from here: http://bit.ly/M0PYVF

    Or scan the QR code:

    Enjoy! And please provide feedback (I added version 0.1.0 to the feedback form as well).