Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cursed Dungeons - 0.1.0 release!

Thanks for all the feedback! It's been great fun reading all the comments! It seems like the majority wants more of everything :)

I put together a new release with both bugfixes and some added features. here's the changelog:

  • bugfix: fixed broken game stats on player death 
  • bugfix: fixed player stats (skill, luck, hits) not being reset after death 
  • bugfix: fixed issue with being able to attack (and kill) dead monster again by swiping and holding
  • bugfix: fixed input type setting not being saved
  • Added invisibility potion
  • Added some monsters: scorpion, big scorpion, lizardman, lizardman ranger
  • Fear status now gives 50% chance of too afraid to attack each combat turn
  • Slow status effect added
  • Potion of Haste - temporary speedup (and cures slow status)
  • Added some more level decorations
  • Grab it from here: http://bit.ly/M0PYVF

    Or scan the QR code:

    Enjoy! And please provide feedback (I added version 0.1.0 to the feedback form as well).


    1. This game is really fun. I dig the minimalist pixel art style. Keep it going!

    2. Sent my feedback in! Loving it so far, control scheme (swipe to move) is almost perfect, and the art style works really well. Glad to see someone developing an original roguelike for Android :)

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