Friday, May 11, 2012

First official release soon...

I finally decided on a title for the game and with my limited art skills I whipped up a logo using Paint.NET (the only gfx program I'm comfortable with). Not very pretty, but it'll do the job.

The game is progressing, here's what I've done for the current version (0.0.8):

  • Basic shop functionality
  • upgraded to libgdx 0.9.3
  • removed external storage permission (saving to private files instead)
  • refactored level rendering code
  • particle effects: blood, poison, fear (needs tweaking)
  • level generator refactored - easier to set parameters per depth
  • Added some random rooms to Maze levels
  • bugfixes for tap movement config (now possible to retreat + no gfx bug when tapping repeatedly)
  • title and logo
  • status effects: poison (and antidote), fear (can't initiate battle)
  • status effect animations restarted after game load
  • more loot variations
  • monsters drop loot
  • luck influences monster loot drops (percentage = 30 + 5*player luck)

What remains? Here's what pops into my head as the most important things:
  • The game has to be winnable. Currently there is no end conditions implemented. I'm going to add a classic quest type goal: Find Artifact X at the deepest level and bring it to the surface.
  • Better balancing: monsters levels, combat etc need better balancing
  • Some type of spells/magic. I'm not going to have mana+spells, instead spells are going to be one-shot things, possibly consuming health and/or food when used.
  • Weapons/armor improvements. You should be able to improve your gear somehow. I'm going to keep it really simple, maybe just some enchantment that will stack and add to attack/defense
  • Improve shops
Stay tuned - as soon as the game is winnable I intend to do a more official release. 


  1. Cursed Bungeons?


    Maybe the D shouldn't have that bump in it, just for readability.

    1. Also, is the alpha available for testing? I couldn't find any link.

    2. Now I need to change the logo :)

      Will release net week - stay tuned!

  2. This is excellent to hear, my droid is lacking in good roguelikes. Rogue and nethack just don't seem to work too well on a mobile device.

    Good luck and let me know if you need testers.

    1. Yeah, I've tried to keep it simple and streamlined to work well on touchscreens.

      Please check back soon for beta version!