Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First official release!

Alright! As promised - here's the first public release of Cursed Dungeons! The game is now winnable; you need to collect the Sigil of Uaubh-ygg at the bottom of the dungeon (currently depth 6) and exit the dungeon. The game is far from complete yet but at least playable.

Grab the Android APK file from here (you'll need to enable installation of 3rd party apps in your settings, otherwise the install will fail - later I will upload it to google play store)


Or scan the QR code directly from your device:

If you try it - please post some feedback in the comments below.

Changelog for version 0.0.9:
  • final level generator - generating artifact
  • better support for animated items on map (rotating artifact!)
  • can only use up stairs on depth 1 if carrying artifact
  • popup dialog
  • tracking player game stats
  • Game stats displayed after win/game over
  • fine tuned logo (readability)
  • resetting hunger timer on eat
  • Increased exp gain for kills
  • Button colors tweaked for readability
  • not generating artifact if re-entering final level and already holding artifact


  1. Sweet. Installing now.

    Sure hope this is actually a roguelike and not some HORRIBLE SKYNET AI VIRUS.

    (Actually that would be kind of cool)

  2. http://i.imgur.com/mgkCL.png
    Cool game man!

    damn, it's called cursed dungeonS

  3. You, guys, made an epic game. No, srly.

  4. http://i.imgur.com/mRREV.png
    heh, I hope you put into the game so it doesn't go to waste